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On grid below 5kv

Product ID: On grid below 5kv
Product Details:

1KW Solar Panel  On-Grid System. 900 watts Mono Perk half cut solar Panel (10 years Warrantee and up to 25 years’ Performance guarantee)

1KW  Solar On- Grid inverter Single face (5 years Replacement Warrantee)

60sqft Solar roofing system (10 years Warrantee and up to 25 years’ Service guarantee)

All other Installation accessories and Installation expenses include.

Technical Terms

  •  DCDB-380x 280 x 130mm Single input Single Output combiner box with SPD 1000Vdc, DC Isolator 1000V 32A, fuse & fuse holder(Eaton 1000VDC) on both terminals and its terminals suitable for Outdoor use IP65
  • ACDB RITTAL ENCLOSURE - 300x400x210mm IP66 4 Pole AC MCB 32A  Single Phase AC SPD 280V AC Cable - 6 mm , 16mm Metal Gland M25 Thermal Connectors 25mm , 16mm2- 4nos
  • Single phase Energy meter
  • DC Cable 4mm2
  • AC Cable 4mm2
  • MC4 connector
  • Switch Fuse Unit 32A(C&S)-Single Phase
  • Cable Tray 25 X 45 mm
  • Yellow/Green Cable 6mm2
  • Ear thing Rod  14.2mm X 1220mm - 250 micron
  • Ear thing chamber 180 X 180 mm
  • Flexible Conduit Polyamide (Weather Proof)
  • Earth pit Compound
  • Earth Strip Connector
  • 6 Hole Terminal Strip
  • Cable Tie 150 mm weather Resistant
  • Cable Tie 300 mm Weather Resistant
  • End Sleeve Pin
  • Ring Type Lug 4-6 mm Insulated
  • Insulation Tape
  • NO 8X25 Dry wall Screw
  • NO.7 Fibre Plug
  • 20 mm PVC Conduit
  • 20 mm Coupling
  • 20 mm Bend
  • 20 mm Elbow
  • Saddle 20mm
  • Solar Roofing system
  • GP 16  gage Sqre Tubes, Pipes
  • All other fabrication accessories for  on grid  system

Additional Tress work If any


KSEB Charges extra

Feasibility Charge 1300.00

Registration    1300

Charge 2500.00

Stamp Paper 500.00

Seller: SSE
Delivery Period: 15 working days for Instalation

90,000.00 95,000.00

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