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Saffron Sun Energies, a leading solar energy system provider based in Kochi for the past six years. Apart from providing solar energy solutions, we have developed an exclusive ancillary product called Solar Panel Holder for which patent has been applied for. The product is a binder of solar panels and by using this solar panels can be converted into a roofing system adding multiple utilities. The solar roofing system will give protection from heat, rain, noise and dust. The energy generated from the solar system can be given to the KSEB grid and the one-time investment you made can be fully recovered over a period of 5 years.
We are indeed fortunate to live in a world of modern technology which has provided us the convenience of electricity at the flip of the switch. Most of our modern gadgets run on electricity and sudden power outages frustrate us no end. We take all this for granted and therefore cannot imagine a world without electricity or fuel for our vehicles. Neither do we stop to think that conventional energy which is obtained from natural resources like fossil fuels will not last forever. In the present scenario of global warming and ozone layer depletion, the world needs to make a lifestyle change to protect the environment for the future generations. We have to seriously look towards alternative energy and alternative fuels to take care of our needs.

Solar power is a renewable energy source --- a clean form of energy --- that converts the sun's radiation into usable energy. The use of solar power helps reduce greenhouse gases, offering an alternative to fossil fuels. Solar technology seeks to take advantage of the strength of the energy provided by the sun. Earth receives more energy from the sun in a single hour than the world's population uses in a full year
The largest advantage of solar energy is that it is a free and unlimited source of energy. Solar energy is also the cleanest energy source that does not compromise or add to global warming. Technology allows solar energy to be converted into electricity through photovoltaic devices and solar thermal heat. These methods utilize the sun without generating by-products or pollution that can contribute to global warming
Advantages of using solar energy include:
1. it can ultimately be used anywhere at any time there is sunlight
2. it is a free energy source
3. it is the quietest form of energy available
4. it does not threaten plants or animals
In the recent times, with more awareness about the harmful effects of global warming, the issue is taken with great interest. There is in point of fact a massive belief that the use of fossil fuel is a contributing factor to the cause of global warming, which will ultimately result in the demise of the planet altogether. Probably the best part about solar energy is that it is a renewable source of energy, which basically means that it will stay there forever, it will be consumed for all practical human usages. Oil, coal etc, is all bound to finish one day and eradicate from the face of the planet. So why not put them in the storage and use something more useful, is a basic question that many people have today.
Alternative energy is the future trend and most of the technologies pertaining to alternative energy depend directly or indirectly on the sun. Solar energy drives the atmosphere and virtually supports all life on Earth.
Saffron Sun energy is here to help you save the earth and to relieve you from the rising electricity bills. We set up solar power system in your home or office at affordable prices and we provide a very good service with the help of our trained professionals.